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Health Charts

Health Charts

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These health charts are an excellent reference to help you daily. Updated laminated fold-out charts when closed, measure approximately A4 size, unfolding to reveal 8 informative pages, measuring 78 x 28 when fully open.

The Gluten-Free Guide tells you what Gluten is and what it does to your body. 
Coeliac Disease: Causes & Symptoms
Comprehensive List of 352 Safe Foods, Ingredients & Additives
45 Alternatives to Gluten-Containing Flours, Meals, and Starches

Top 10 Nutrition Lists Guide provides 41 Top 10 Lists covering a wide variety of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, calories, carbohydrates, cholesterol, fiber, saturated fat, sugar, essential nutrients, and proteins. For example, if you're seeking foods rich in vitamin E, simply refer to the vitamin E section to find the top 10 food choices. 

Acid Alkaline Food Balancing and Food Combining Guide includes a comprehensive list of 389 foods categorized based on their acid or alkaline-forming potential.

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Customer Reviews

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Lagudi Tadic
informative health charts

After struggling with digestive issues and feeling confused by all the different information online, I decided to get these charts to help me understand things better. The Gluten-Free Guide has been really useful, especially since I've been trying to switch to a gluten-free diet to help my digestion. It lists lots of safe foods and alternatives, which makes it easier for me to choose what to eat. And the Acid Alkaline Food Balancing Guide has taught me about the importance of keeping my body's pH level balanced.

Janardana Bale
comprehensive health guides

These charts don't just explain what gluten is and how it affects your body, but they also give you a big list of foods that are safe to eat and ones to avoid. Plus, the Top 10 Nutrition Lists Guide has been great for making sure I'm getting all the right nutrients. I'm really happy with these Health Charts and would definitely recommend them to anyone who's trying to change their diet or eat healthier.